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Maritime & Nautical Marquetry 




Below are just a few of the many varied designs we have manufactured for this trade.

Starting with various compass stars and followed by other designs, either with a Maritime theme,

or for Yacht Interiors.


 Crest for HMS Bristol                               









                                        custom motif for Dennison Weaver                   












Carob board inspired marquetry layon for boat table for Ipe Jacob  






  Handsawn for Doug Mooberry                          handsawn for Doug Mooberry


The collection below was commissioned for  large yacht and each motif was inlaid into a door.

The concept was to represent a port hole with a view to various Light Houses around the world

Lighthouse Collection


Fretsawn  Osprey marquetry panel for Doug Mooberry  



 hand sawn leaping salmon  laser cut marlin on teak sunburst

Yacht table top Tim Danin Cote d'Azur



Marquetry custom made for the Marine trade

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