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 Including Oval and round Fan inlays,Oval and round Marquetry Conche shells,

Corner fans and Quad fans etc


Marquetry Coffee Table Top

































This is a small selection of the patterns we have gathered over the years.

As all our work is made to order, the patterns above can be made in any quantity, and to any size and veneer combination required.

Circular Marquetry Star

To place an order 

email   and state;

1.The type (or  the code below the item on the sheet above)

2.The size you require (metric or imperial measurements)

3.The colours (either by veneer name eg. boxwood /mahogany, or if you prefer, actual colours eg.mustard yellow and chestnut brown)

4.The quantity ( no order is too small , but obviously large runs reduce costs per item.)


Contact us and we will get back to you with a quotation


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all you need is an email address and any of the cards shown above




Hand Cut marquetry Panel for Lincoln

More About Our Traditional Inlay and Marquetry Work


Marquetry Postcard Joes Pic


Music Box Marquetry Lid

Circular or Round Marquetry Fan Inlay

For the first couple of years Heritage Inlay Design Ltd worked almost exclusively making motifs for Fine Reproduction Furniture.

W and M Marquetry Oval Motif

Now 25 years on we have built up  what we believe to be one of the largest libraries of traditional marquetry designs and patterns in England, and we're always adding more .



We would advise our clients to collect  photos of marquetry that they find appealing and email them through,as we can draw up and manufacture from pictures, or can provide a quote to reproduce.

Burr Walnut Marquetry Panel



The experience we have gained over the past 25 years also comes in useful when advising clients on the correct style of marquetry from a certain period. i.e Edwardian style marquetry may not look right on a Sheraton piece and vice versa.


Hand Sawn Floral Marquetry Panel

The panel above was hand sawn as required by the client.



marquetry for clock base panel

A laser cut panel for a William and Mary Style Clock


Musical Marquetry Motif

We have also worked on many larger scale projects such as the Dutch marquetry style top below

Dutch marquetry Table Top

......or even bigger, a 5mtr multi leaved table

5 mtr marquetry table top for Colin


Art Deco marquetry Motif


A replica of a well known Art Deco piece, utilising Faux Ivory

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floral marquetry strip

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