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We also offer a laser engraving service.

Using laser technology, an image of any kind can be engraved or etched 

onto materials such as

 leather, perspex, acrylic, wood, glass, marble, sliced bread and many fabrics.



Laser Engraved and Cut Perspex for Katie Higgs    

Laser Engraved Leather Desk Top for Lloyd shoe company ltd     Laser Engraved Leather Desk Top for Lloyd shoe company ltd May 2010



  Laser Engraved Pink Mirror Perspex- Grand Kissing Policemen                      laser engraved leather       




 Kiss cut etchings for Hena Akbar


 Laser engraved leather for Anita Gohil Bena Clothing     Laser engraved birch ply using a fairly high resolution in greyscale


ipad custom engraving for gift                 ipads ipods and laptops can be laserengraved with any design or image


Engraving operates from normal image files such as tif, jpeg etc 

and these can either be emailed to us ,

or supplied on cd, paper etc.

Paisley Engraved Gibson SG for Kim Halliday April 2010


Here are just a few examples of the process; 



Laser Engraved Birch Ply for Louise Collis             Laser Engraved Oak Panel



Laser etched painted glass for Louise Richardson                        laser engraved pencils and ruler for Louise Richardson






This is a project we worked on for Costume Cutter/Designer Jo Van Schuppen,

for the film Atonement.

And here's a great site with lots more info on the dress;


                        Laser Etching for green dress  Laser Etched Fabric 

Kierra in Jo Van Schuppens beautiful laser etched dress....just




Laser Engraved and Cut Perspex for Katie Higgs


The Hamster Playboy Mansion

Clear 5mm perspex,cut and engraved.

Katie Higgs designed this piece and emailed images 

for the engravings, along with vector line drawings for the cutting.We are happy to work

with your files or to create them for you.To see formats required etc go to



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Laser Engraved Guitar 

for the Ben Sherman company

Laser engraved Gibson for Ben Sherman   

  Laser Engraved Gibson for Ben Sherman Company


Laser Etching - The best thing sice sliced bread.I know.Sorry.


Laser Etched Antique Ivory matching the top 2 pieces


laser engraved tree stumps




Laser Etched Live Edge Acrylic for White Label UK






Engraving onto painted metal

Engraving onto Painted Metal

As CO2 lasers simply bounce off of metal,interesting effects

can be achieved by engraving through the paint, to reveal the shiny metal 

underneath.This method is often seen used on Laptops and ipods

as a way of customising them.





Laser Engraved Perspex for Example Video

Laser engraved 'Radiance' Perspex

With Mirrored Perspex/Acrylic, the black parts of the image

are engraved on the back of the mirrored material, turning it to

a frosted transparent,leaving the white parts of the image mirrored

This was made for a video by 'Example' and can be seen here;

at around 2 mins 40 secs



Laser Engraved Backgammon Pcs for Jack Daniels Co


Laser Engraved Backgammon Set

These were part of a pre made Backgammon set that

we laser engraved with company logos 






Laser Engraved Clay

Engraved with an image of antique lace, this was an

interesting experiment.The clay was still damp, and it did

take a long time!






Laser Engraving in oak

Engraving onto Wood Veneer or Solid Wood

Engraving on Oak 

for Designer and High quality furniture manufacturer Andrew Varrah.

This design was supplied to us on  paper 

and we engraved the design onto a veneered oak panel. 



Laser engraving on ply

pattern engraved into plywood picture frame



mini signs for doors engraved into wood




Laser engraved leather

pattern engraved into leather




menus and other engravings into wood




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