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A Unique and affordable Laser Cutting and Engraving service for Jewellery Makers, 

Designers, Artists, Card Makers and degree students of 3D Design,Textiles and Fashion


Laser cut suede for the super-talented Lucy Fisher


......... you don't need to be a computer expert either ,we can work from rough sketches and photos to bring your ideas and projects to life. 

Flying Pigs for Cath Laffan available at  io in  Brighton along with other great designs


Many of our clients have never produced a CAD file and have no interest in doing so . However for those who wish to , the formats are here  along with other useful pieces of information.



We cut a lot of Acrylic Perspex Jewellery for makers such as Carla at SugarShack




This page is mainly laser cutting , but we also provide a laser engraving service , which can either be combined with cutting or on its own.There are examples of laser engraving here .



          Laser cut paper                               Lasercut foiled leather for Varsha


Over the past 10 years we have laser cut, etched or engraved  numerous exciting  projects, ranging from the iconic emerald green dress in the film Atonement to perspex jewellery, and from high fashion leather garments to perspex robot components .


Laser cut paper for Kate Forrester                                               laser cut perspex for Stu and Sorcha of BELOW in Brighton


  Intricate Card Cutting                                 Print laminated onto perspex and laser cut into a jigsaw pattern Jane Hewlett May 2010


Laser Etched Dress for Costume designer Jo Van Schuppen for  the film 'Atonement' Click for more detailed photos


Below are a selection of multi layer acrylics lasercut for a local artist , contact for details , commissions welcome.

Twiggy detail                            Twiggy


A sparkled perspex purple background , along with purple and pink mirror and a pearlescent top layer , combine for this spectacular commission.Approx 1mtr high


Mia Wallace                  Mia Wallace detail   

            jimi hendrix purple glitter  acrylic detail                            jimi hendrix in purple glitter acrylic , approx 70 cm x 50 cm


Dirty Harry - incorporating Bronze Mirror and Pearlescent Caramel acrylics          Dirty Harry - close up of laser cut mirror acrylic detail

      Jim Morrison


..................and below is an etching in purple mirror acrylic, lit by LEDs


Jimi in Purple mirror , etched and lit by LEDs




a random selection of recent projects.....



Engraved SG guitar with Paisley pattern April 2010


lasercut paper (A4 size)                        stencils in thin plastic (ADA)  

           Laser Etched and Cut Leather for Ritzie


Whether it be Architectural Modellers or Robot builders, Fashion  Graduates or Card Makers, we aim to give a friendly and  competitive service.


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Laser Cut felt






Leather Laser Cutting  Perspex or Acrylic, both Mirrored and Plain, is an excellent Laser cutting material.


Work can be carried out by mail order.


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Intricate Laser Cutting of Leather      Laser Cutting MDF

Mahogany Fretwork  Laser Cut Pre printed Fabric





Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page, 

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We are in Brighton Sussex, less than an hour

from London by train,visits by appointment only.


Laser Cut Leather Laser cut MDF

Laser Cut Leather


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